Gender: Men

The Pacer Slim Jersey has a slim fit, a longer sleeve length for increased aerodynamics, and tons of features, cooling fabrics. We guarantee it’ll knock your socks off!  


This jersey has definitely become a customer favorite over the years. The combination of our proprietary CB Mondo, Zircon and Airfit Mesh makes this jersey very smooth to the touch, heat reflective, cooling, lightweight while on the body, and pretty much an all-around go-to jersey for any occasion. It’s also fully sublimatable, which gives your team the freedom to design your kit however you see fit.  


As far as fabrics go, the “CB” part of CB Mondo stands for “coldblack®”, which is a technology we use in our fabrics to cool you when things really heat up. Basically, it acts as a forcefield and rejects the sun’s rays when shining down on you. Our Zircon material is sweat activated and cools you down when it gets wet. These two fabrics together means you stay cooler longer, because the heat has nowhere to